Management Information

What is Management Information?

Management Information is the facts and figures about your business that you use to identify business performance and help your management. Good management information shows you what you need to know, presented in a way you understand and is a necessity to managing your staff, performance, cash-flow and business.

What do we do?

We produce management information for you that presents the information you want to see in the way you want to see it. The numbers are only half the service – working with you to analyse and utilise the numbers is where we really help our clients. You’ll be able to understand what has happened, why it has happened and take action to run your business at its full potential.

We can work with your book keepers or we can offer our own book keeping service to get all the paperwork in order and then produce MI when required.

Learning Curve

All businesses have different people, revenue streams, costs, overheads and cashflow that combine to make profit. It’s our job to understand how these work together and how they can be measured and reported to provide you with accurate Management Information.

The team at Business Orchard have worked with businesses of all sizes across a wide range of sectors. When learning about your business we can draw on decades of relevant experience that helps us understand what you do.

Improving your MI

If you want better management information to run your business we offer an MI workshop, to identify what aspects of your business need reporting on and how it can be achieved. Spending time evaluating which aspects of your business are most important will help you set your goals and understand how to manage your business to achieve them. Contact us to book a management information workshop.