Self Assessment

Tax Returns

Self assessment can be a time consuming and often confusing business for busy individuals.

And judging by the hundreds of thousands of taxpayers who are penalised by HMRC each year it can also be very costly if:

  • Deadlines are missed
  • Incorrect returns are delivered
  • Appropriate records are not retained or presented

Nearly 10 million people have to submit a self-assessment tax return every year. For many, this can be a stressful and time consuming period with penalties and fines if your return is prepared incorrectly or delivered late.

We provide a complete self-assessment return service to get your tax return correct and filed on time. We can advise on whether you need to file a tax return, inform HMRC of your status, get you signed up to the correct online services, monitor deadlines for your returns and ensure your national insurance payments are correct and up to date.

Not Just HMRC

Aside from HMRC, you may require your tax return to prove your income including during finance/mortgage searches, school bursary/grant applications and matrimonial matters.

Using a professional firm demonstrates a level of diligence when preparing your self-assessment tax return. Appointing us as your accountant to prepare and submit your tax return will give users, including HMRC, more confidence that it is accurate and correct.

Paying the right amount of tax

Working out how much tax to pay can be tricky, especially when the rules are changing all the time. What was right last year may land you with a penalty this year! Make sure you don’t overpay your tax by using tax experts who are up to date with the rules


HMRC has the right to enquire into any tax return and if any anomalies are found, they can request information for up to 6 years of previous returns. A HMRC enquiry can be a time consuming, stressful and costly affair. As your accountants, we can deal with any enquiry for you, representing you during interviews through to (where required) representation at a tribunal. We even offer a cost effective insurance solution to cover all of our professional fees for less than £100/year.

Proactive Advice

You can use cheap online services or DIY software to prepare tax returns however your return will be limited by your knowledge of the tax system. These software services wont give you the insight into tax affairs that can
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